Placenta Services

placenta encapsulation $275

~ Can help with baby blues and curbing postpartum depression
~ Helps replenish nutrients & contains natural pain killers
~ May help increase milk production!
~ Increases energy after birth!
~ Can help stop/lessen postpartum bleeding after birth
~ Natural iron supplementation
**Add on placenta encapsulation to any birth package for $200

Tincture $50

The placenta tincture is a concentrated alcohol solution (101 proof or higher) that contains all of the amazing nutrients and hormones from your placenta! This is an easy way to keep utilizing the benefits from your placenta, long after your pills are gone!

  • Tinctures are typically ready to be used 6-8 weeks after creation.

placenta print $35

Utilizes the blood on the placenta before processing begins. Artistically captures the image and essence of your placenta!

*STI blood work required for all placenta clients. It keeps everyone safe!


“For my placenta she was quick to arrive after my birth which was in the middle of the night so extra points for that and had it back to me within a couple days. It meant the world to me having this done and knowing something so precious was being cared for by someone like Jelina.” - Bethany P.